Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my website.

You’ll find information about the books here, and links to mebooks, a site that will sell you e-book versions of The Vintner’s Luck and its sequel The Angel’s Cut (with After Z-Hour and Glamour and the Sea soon to follow). There are interviews, several of which have never been published before. There are also links to essays – like ‘Privacy, Veracity, and Autobiographical Fiction’. And I’m planning to use the Knoxon page for occasional pieces of essay/musing/whatnots. Knoxon won’t be a blog as such. In conversation I may be a quick draw and say what I think, but when I write to be read (as opposed to in my journals) I tend to mull things over for a long time. Also, as much as I enjoy other people’s blogs, it seems to me that blogs can be scarily vulnerable to the weather of appetite. That would be me. I’d have a bad day and the book I’d just read wouldn’t be sufficient to the day, and I’d get crabby, peeved, or turn into an angel with a flaming sword. Probably the only way I can avoid doing any of that is to decide that I’m not blogging. You will get Knoxon when Knox has mulled things over.

Haere mai. Welcome

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  • Kara

    Hello! I have just found your website, and I’m so glad I did! I discovered your work in the library on a whim.
    It was November two thousand and ten and I fancied the cover illustration of “Billie’s Kiss”. I know you should never judge a book by its cover– but it lured me in. Point is, it was a beautifully written story, and I am in love with your writing style. As a writer myself (not professionally though) I find your work SO inspiring. Thank you!


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