Elizabeth Knox

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Glamour and the Sea

Glamour and the Sea coverGlamour and the Sea is a swift wind-jammer of a novel, and the hurricane in the middle of the voyage is a dark wartime love story.

Elizabeth Knox’s third novel is a tale of missing persons and mistaken identity, of living memory, and its shadow, amnesia.

In 1947 Ray Knox is 20, a merchant seaman and a man with a past. Sam Thrift is an ex US serviceman who has returned to New Zealand in search of a child he thinks must exist. But Sam is having memory problems. He needs a junior detective, someone to take notes. Ray, who wants to be a writer, recognises Sam’s search as a mystery – but has no idea how mysterious and dangerous it will turn out to be.

Glamour and the Sea was published in 1996 by Victoria University Press.


An ebook of Glamour and the Sea is forthcoming from http://mebooks.co.nz/






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