Elizabeth Knox

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Tawa‘He had something to show her, he said. he sat on his narrow, lumpy bed and patted the cover beside him. He unfolded a long concertina of pictures – like The Silhouette Theatre, Steph explained – of men and women doing things to each other. It was old, this pamphlet, with the ink gone in its creases; it was silent, and insinuating.’

Steph is ten and in trouble. Lex is thirteen and wants to save her sister. But being a saviour is harder than it seems.

Praise for Tawa

‘Elizabeth Knox has an ardent precision, both of writing and memory.’  Margaret Mahy


Here is an essay about the novellas, based on a talk Elizabeth Knox gave at the Wellington City Art Gallery in 2001

The High Jump: Privacy, Veracity and Autobiographical Fiction






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