Elizabeth Knox

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Why Horror?

This essay first appeared, in a slightly less finished form, in Canvas. I sat on it awhile before posting. Horror has been called the most moral of the genres, perhaps because it deals in calamity, in inexorable events and the experiences of small human victims, witnesses, collaborators. Because human existence is prone to repeated visitations from monstrosity […]

Letting in the Ghosts: Why certain things are in Mortal Fire

I keep producing blogs that are highly finished pieces of writing, like essays. Which isn’t to say I labour over them, more that I keep feeling each has to be a thing in itself. But that’s not what blogs are for. So this one is just a few thoughts about how I came to write […]

My Workspace

I guess this piece could be titled ‘How I came to change the way in which I do everything’. It could go two ways—and I’ve decided it’s better to resist neither, to do both, even if one is personal and might seem beside the point of workspaces, and the other will make me sound like […]

True Story 2

My mother has Progressive Bulbar Palsy, which is a form of Motor Neuron Disease (ALS). I wrote this in May last year. Mum in Ezibuy looking for winter clothes because nothing from last year fits her. We choose a pair of size eight needle cord pants and two skivvies that—as it turns out—are too tight. […]